TINA SIRAGUSA ,   MS in Marriage&Family Therapy, LMFT, LCAS, AAMFT Clinical Fellow, Board Registered Supervisor

@ Studio of Living Tapestry  919-636-2931   ( Chapel Hill, NC location)
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Is therapy for you?

Sometimes people come to therapy with a diagnosis given to them at one point in their lives. Sometimes people know that they feel uncomfortable. Maybe they aren't sure but want to check it out.Their emotions seem to be "all over the place" or stuck. There are times that you just wish you can confide in someone but are worried that your friends or family might think you are "crazy".

At other times events happen in life that are just a part of life, but you know you need some extra support from someone you can confide in and to whom you can talk.  Perhaps a person close to you passed away. Perhaps your pet, a very important member of one's family, passed away. Maybe you feel like you are losing control of being a parent and need some extra support and a place to release your stress.

You can go into therapy with a plethora of goals that are too long to give on this site.It may be for you or you and your family or you and your spouse.

If you want to "check it out" and call for your 15 min. free consultation. Contact

Are you an artist that wants motivational coaching?

Artist and Creative Spirits tend to experience many emotions surrounding the energy of the work they do. Some people have called it a "roller coaster" of ups and downs. Artists tend to have a rhythm all their own. There are times that artists are frustrated and feel blocked,  and there are other times that they just want to "jump out of their skin".  You might need a jump start and want to talk to someone who "really gets you".  Maybe some coaching is just the ticket for you. Again, you the client, sets the goals in this supportive space, and with our skills we can help guide and set you on a path you desire.

Skype coaching possible. Let's talk about that possibility.

What you might experience no matter what brings you:  You will encounter compassion and respect. The work is based on the goals of the client/s. The therapist may offer ideas on how to meet that goal and the decision will be mutual. This is a client-centered perspective. 

When you decide on therapy you will first have an intake. This is an interview asking you a series of questions that will assist the therapist in making an assessment and an evaluation as to the process ahead. This will give us a road map and direction.You will also be asked to fill out the forms found on this website to also aid in the process.

You will have sessions consisting of talk therapy. The therapist may invite you to explore the issues and process further with a form of art work. No skills are necessary. You are never expected to be a professional artist or poet. However, it is in the process of creating that more information may unfold. Again, this is an invitation. It is imperative that a client feel comfortable and safe in the space of therapy. The therapist is well  skilled in forms of talk therapy. The arts are used as a tool in the process but not an absolute.

Please read about the therapist for more information.   About the Therapist

Therapy consists of the possibility of many thoughts and emotions. This is why it is imperative that you have a therapist that is skilled in creating a safe place for you. A skilled therapist will never go too fast. The pace is set by the client, and the therapist guages the speed with careful evaluation while asking the client for feedback when appropriate.

Please read "Fee Information" for length of sessions and workshops