TINA SIRAGUSA ,   MS in Marriage&Family Therapy, LMFT, LCAS, AAMFT Clinical Fellow, Board Registered Supervisor

@ Studio of Living Tapestry  919-636-2931   ( Chapel Hill, NC location)
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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Do you have Saturday appointments?

Yes. Please call for availability.


What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours notice, BY TELEPHONE, prior to appointment. Less than 24 hours may incur a fee. No phone call will incur the full fee.

Workshops have a varying schedule for cancellations that will affect the refund amount. Please check Fee Information for this schedule.


Is my information confidential?

The law is found under HIPAA standards and is a federal and state mandate. Information dealing with Medical, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse are tied to very strict statutes. A provider can not share information with other individuals, groups, or providers with the specific written consent of a client. The only time a provider does not need a signature is when he/she knows that the client will hurt themselves or someone close to them with specific plans. The provider is obligated by law to protect the client or the other person. The third instance to release information without authorization is with a filed court order. 


Am I going to be video or audio taped?

You will NEVER be taped video or audio without you written consent. It would be rare or never for this provider to make this request of you.


  Can I call in crisis?

You can call and leave a message with your therapist . Your therapist will return the voicemail HOWEVER, if it is a matter of safety, security, and imminent danger then you need to call 911.


 Will you call the police on me if I tell you a secret?

The only time that a therapist can call for emergency assistance is when he/she knows of specific plans of hurting yourself or someone else. The therapist is obligated by law to call if imminent danger is known.