TINA SIRAGUSA ,   MS in Marriage&Family Therapy, LMFT, LCAS, AAMFT Clinical Fellow, Board Registered Supervisor

@ Studio of Living Tapestry  919-636-2931   ( Chapel Hill, NC location)
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Mission: The Mission at the Studio of Living Tapestry is to create a space to inspire and heal. The philosohy here is that everyone has the inherent right of respect and dignity regardless of race, culture, creed, ethinicity, gender and sexuality.  The approach is that of community, relationships, and fostering the empowerment of the self in a client-centered atmosphere. This is an invitation to re-imagine the best possibilities you can create for your life in a space of compassion.  (Bilingual/Bicultural Therapy available)

Please note that the descriptions of the therapy are generalized for the purpose of having an awareness of the therapist's reference. These are simple representations of complex theories and modalities. The main framework is grounded in systems theory and Relationally Focused Therapy while integrating the tools and concepts  appropriate to each person's individual needs. All therapies below are evidenced based.

Compassion Focused Therapy is the value stance and conceptualization where Tina Siragusa arrives in therapy. The systems that perpetuate shame and guilt are what cause suffering, and humans experiencing these activated systems find it difficult to feel reassured, safe and experiencing positive well being. The framework of this theory comes from evolutionary science, neurosciences, developmental sciences and social sciences. The goal of this work is to train ourselves to practice  using compassionate mind in order to experience inner warmth, safeness and self soothing skills. Tina's goal is to create an atmosphere where this can be experienced, practiced, modeled, and learned. 

Family Systems Therapy: This is a historical form of therapy, which had it's inception in the 1950s. Each client is a result of a system of relationships starting in the family of origin and including the intergenerational factors. The therapist looks at each client as a product of a system even if seen in individual sessions. A therapist with a license in Marriage & Family Therapy has had years of training and experience focused on this systemic approach. There are many many schools of thought here but the main idea is systemic. Tina Siragusa's academic degrees have a foundation in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) This is the umbrella therapy from which Tina Siragusa frames her stance and structure. This is a therapy, which accepts the person as a whole being. It is emperically and evidenced based. It uses mindfulness strategies and behavioral strategies to increase psychological flexibility. It works very well, as proven by research, to work with all presenting symptoms. Tina Siragusa has been intesively trained in ACT to add to her repetoire of framing, skills and tools.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) This therapy was conceived by Marsha Linehan. It is behavioral in context and offers many skills and a curriculum to better deal with emotional dysregulation, which becomes the root of many of our relational disturbances. Even though it has been researched with many symptom patterns it is beneficial to anyone and especially those in relation to other people--families, couples, children, and in work. It has also has a good deal of empirical data supporting its effectiveness with self harming and self injurious behaviors. Tina Siragusa has received intensive training through Behavioral Tech, LLC where Marsha Linehan resides. 

Mindfulness Training:  Even though it has its origins in ancient practices, the scientific evidence for Mindfulness exercises is growing everyday.  There is physical evidence showing the health and emotional benefits of learning these skills in awareness and stress reduction and the elevation of positive emotions. Bringing the mind to the present awareness improves focus and concentration. Practicing Mindfulness is like exercising a muscle to become more adept at centering and awareness and emotion regulation. It looks at how the brain manages in life and allows a person to navigate those phenomena. 

Bibliotherapy: Using reading, if you like, to support the therapeutic process in between sessions.

Expressive Arts Therapy: There are therapies out there specifically titled Poetry Therapy, Dance Therapy, Art Therapy, Music etc. EXA utilizes all of the arts in an Intermodal manner. The method is to reach places in the clients "self" or "spirit" that holds information that might not be able to have words. It is a form to express what is already in us. An example of intermodal is where a client might do some collage work around a topic and then do some clay therapy to explore the issue deeper. It is suggested that this work be done with an experienced therapist who will create a safe place for this exploration. You may venture into poetry, journaling, drumming, movement, psychodrama, etc.

Existential Psychology: The importance of this framework is to focus on the present and future choices. It explores the client's meaning of their existance and how they relate in reference to that meaning. "It has been said that to change a man is to change his awareness of himself. " A. Maslow, a Humanist Psychologist.

EcoTherapy: This references our connection to the energy of the earth. It is humans in relation to the environment. An example could be the present understanding of how children are losing their time outside where they can run, use large motor skills and muscles, and interact with nature. The finding is that this interaction is decreasing, and this lack of movement and connection to nature is fostering a rise in ADD/ADHD. The same can be linked to the rise of Vitamin D deficiencies because of lack of time in the sun causing an increase in depression. The benefits of gardening is starting to prove to be a beneficial form of therapy both physically, emotionally and for brain health. You can witness great plans and engineering to facilitate plants in the health centers as well because these benefits are well known. We are interconnected with the earth, and this form of therapy takes this into account.